Daughters | You Won't Get What You Want Album Review



You Won’t Get What You Want feels almost wholly unlistenable. Bar the demented yet groove-ridden highlight that is ‘Less Sex’, Daughters’ fourth effort pushes the boundaries of what can be accepted as enjoyable art.

Sure, the record is certainly eerie enough to spark interest, but it’s invasive enough to make even experienced fans of intelligent noise grimace. Twisted albums, like Pig Destroyer’s Terrifyer and Prowler In The Yard encompass revolting sounds, samples and lyrical compositions yet also provide an undeniable groove and defiant progression - something which Daughters don’t even come close to utilising with their new album.

Even the ‘industrial’ aspects of You Won’t Get What You Want don’t feel as centred as they do on say, Code Orange’s I Am King. Comparing this record to its loosely related counterparts is a cheap shot at best, but providing context to the experimental, avant-garde and noisy is about as close one can get to an objective review.

Even recent acts are doing similar things but in much more pleasant taste. Take Canadian band KEN mode’s Loved, which was only released on 31st August. What does it comprise of? Ferocious vocal performances, sickening riffs and an unrelenting, creeping groove; everything a noise or industrial-esque album should have. Maybe You Won’t Get What You Want is less Terrorizer and Godflesh and more Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music - but when was that joke ever taken seriously?

In truth, Daughters’ album isn’t a ‘bad’ record. It’s not laughably ridiculous, nor is it shambolic in its performance. It’s just that it steps up to the line where one can truthfully say, “I enjoy this,” without sounding preposterous, and then it teeters over that line with its middle finger showing all the while.

There are some good things to say about the album. It is consistently tenebrous in its approach, highlighted by some of the orchestral touches on tracks like ‘Ocean Song’. There is no denying the LP is atmospheric and symphonic. ‘City Song’ is by most standards a ‘good’ opener, preparing listeners with a surreptitious undertone which sets the pace for the rest of material. However, it is its sheer ugliness that is its downfall.

Of course, Daughters couldn’t give any less of a shit. You Won’t Get What You Want is their true sound, with frontman Alexis Marshall’s shrieking, desperate vocals in the spotlight, clamouring to explain what its all about.