The 1975 | Give Yourself A Try Single Review



If there is one word to describe this track, it is startling.

Why? Because 'Give Yourself A Try' is a downright alarming indicator of the state of contemporary alternative. What The 1975 have managed to do is release a 'track' that doesn't seem to fit any of the criteria that constitutes a decent piece of music. At all. The Manchester quartet aren't exactly known for originality, as dishonest snippets of Talking Heads, Scritti Politti, INXS and David Bowie can be heard on both their previous studio attempts, but this is undeniably the fraudulent cherry on top of the cake of musical thievery.

For those who have been spared the misfortune of listening, imagine that Joy Division's seminal 'Disorder' has been forcefully converted into one of those 'shittyfluted' videos on Youtube, before being accompanied by tasteless, poppy vocals from The 1975's very own Matty Healy, mindlessly chanting out lyrics which, incredibly, manage to make Bowie's 'The Laughing Gnome' look like Homer's Odyssey.

Going back to current music, what's next? If calamities such as this can be passed off as credible, enjoyable pieces of art, it is frankly terrifying to think how much lower the bar of 'radio friendly', bottom-of-the-barrel alternative can go. The only thing making it even worse is hearing the BBC DJs on Annie Mac's radio show exclaim "that's a tune" after the track finished. Rock ain't dead, but there's only so many 'Give Yourself A Try's paired with nonsensical acclaim before it becomes the newest guest of the culture morgue.