A Q&A With: The Lids


Indie rock trio The Lids discuss their roots, songwriting and Leicester’s reception to upcoming rock acts.

Hailing from Leicester, The Lids are an exciting indie rock trio. Citing influences such as Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro, the three produce a smirking rock sound evident on their latest single, ‘I’m So Bleak’. From supporting The Sherlocks to having a fan in Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs, The Lids are already turning heads (and ears).

What was the reasoning behind 'The Lids' as a band name?

We needed a name for one of our first gigs and a mate decided to use ‘The Lids’ so it just sort of happened - we're stuck with it now!

Are you aware there is a Japanese, twinkly music-box act also called The Lids...?!

Didn't have a clue! We like to think our music isn't "twinkly" so there is a difference there I suppose.

I've noticed a few indie acts coming up the ranks through Leicester - do you feel there's some healthy competition in getting recognised?

The local music scene is amazing for upcoming bands. Yes, healthy competition is there, but it's also great for us because everyone supports each other and it works really well.

Can you think of your favourite gig you've played so far?

Definitely our latest sell-out at The Cookie in Leicester. The crowd were amazing and nothing beats a hometown show.

What was it like supporting The Sherlocks or Superfood? Are you excited at the prospect of reaching similar recognition to them in a short time?

It's always fun and great to meet people who have inspired us, as well as playing to way more people than we're normally used to. And well, that's definitely the aim. It's pretty cool to think that it could happen, but we've just got to keep working and creating new stuff.

What drew you to indie music in the first place?

We were all brought up listening to rock and then obviously throughout the 2000s indie music blew up and came to the front of our music tastes! With the instruments we play, indie music is perfect. We try not to be a middle-of-the-road indie band so we try and make things a bit different to other bands in order to stand out.

Could you name your all-time hero/es?

I think the main one for all of us would be Dave Grohl. He's been so influential to us, as have the bands he's been in, how he is on stage, the way he acts in interviews - it's just everything we look up to as a band.

I discovered your band rep helped you get into contact with footballer Christian Fuchs and his clothing brand - how did that play out?

Well two of us are big Leicester fans and he was meeting people in Leicester, so our rep went to meet him and showed him the music and he loved it! We're happy to support his clothing brand and it's great having someone with that much influence supporting us too. 

You told Gigradar in May that one of you used to regularly serve Serge Pizzorno of Kasabian at an O'Neills bar - did Kasabian play a big role in The Lids' formation?

Not necessarily in the formation, but definitely in the belief in opportunities that there are in Leicester for upcoming bands. What they've done for local music is mental and it shows that anyone can be successful if you stick to it.

How do you approach songwriting? Does Liam write most of the lyrics or do you come together and chip in as a whole?

The lyrics are done by Liam, yeah, but they always come after the music. We turn up to practice with a couple of ideas and go from there really. There's an unwritten rule that if anyone says "let's write a new track" we never do; it's better if its spontaneous.

What plans do you have next following your single, 'I'm So Bleak'?

We've got a big year ahead of us. We’re looking to release a new song towards the end of the year as well as going back into the studio to record a few new ones; they should be coming out early next year too. We have loads of local gigs and others too so keep an eye out definitely!

On a fun note, can you tell me your three favourite albums ever? 

Sam: Probably Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Liam: Pinkerton by Weezer

Rhys: The Colour and the Shape by Foo Fighters