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Top 40 Greatest Britpop Albums

Following in the wake of Madchester and defying American grunge's fatalist attitude, Britpop ruled Britannia and provided a glimmer of sunshine to the drab and overcast streets of 1990s UK. From the bouncy rhythms of The Farm to the seductive lyrics of Pulp, we take a look at the 40 best Britpop albums that changed Britain for the better.

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A Q&A With: The Lids

Hailing from Leicester, The Lids are an exciting indie rock trio. Citing influences such as Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro, the three produce a smirking rock sound evident on their latest single, ‘I’m So Bleak’. From supporting The Sherlocks to having a fan in Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs, The Lids are already turning heads (and ears).

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