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Shutting Idles out of an airport lift: An Interview with False Advertising at Old Blue Last

In a follow-up interview to Decade.’s very first venture at Sebright Arms in April 2018, False Advertising find themselves at Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. Before playing a free show to promote their marvellous new single, ‘You Won’t Feel Love’, we get the chance to talk with them about Brexit, parental discontent and the time they got off on the wrong foot with Idles in an airport.

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1800 | Big Supermarket Album Review

The second single from 1800, ‘Laura C.’, is unquestionably one of the most triumphant tracks to ever come from post-punk. Aussie band Big Supermarket’s debut is frustratingly good and it’s nerve-wracking to contemplate where they’re headed next.

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Hollow Graves | Hollow Graves Album Review

Canadian post-punk outfit Hollow Graves have proved that it’s not just Europe (and specifically, Britain) that struggles through grey days. Their self-titled debut exhibits influences from Joy Division to Two Door Cinema Club and refreshingly, lots of talent.

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