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Hollow Graves | Hollow Graves Album Review

Canadian post-punk outfit Hollow Graves have proved that it’s not just Europe (and specifically, Britain) that struggles through grey days. Their self-titled debut exhibits influences from Joy Division to Two Door Cinema Club and refreshingly, lots of talent.

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Top 50 Greatest Albums Of 1987

In a year that could certainly be argued as music's best, we take a look at the greatest albums and the enormous range of genres they covered, from soul and the end of gothic rock to the birth of conscious hip hop and the introduction of shoegaze.

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Insight - Praising Unknown Pleasures

I suppose I will be playing the role of the 'guide' mentioned in the opening track 'Disorder', as I give an overview to the reader on one of the most impactful records of all time, and one whose album cover is recognised by music fans the world over - Joy Division’s haunting 1979 debut, Unknown Pleasures.

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